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Voreology | 2020-2022 Artbook

Voreology | 2020-2022 Artbook

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Imagine a book filled with gay stories and every type of vore you can imagine. Now imagine no more, for this is Voreology! An art and comics book by Tyler Mann filled with comics, character designs, commissions, and all featuring various forms of soft vore. Oral, anal, cock, absorption, pudge, navel, plus other fun oddities like quicksand, sinking, tentacles, bondage, transformation, bellies, muscles, and much more!

This 124-page eBook is a PDF file to be delivered digitally upon checkout and contains:

  • 29 Pages of Monthly Patreon Comics
  • 26 Pages of Funhouse Of Frights Comics and Illustrations
  • 7 Pages of Kid Quicksand Comics and Illustrations
  • 43 Commission Illustrations
  • 22 Pages of Comic Commissions

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