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Feed | 2013-2020 Artbook

Feed | 2013-2020 Artbook

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Stop your infinite scrolling, because you've found what you're looking for! A complete feed of vore delights from the worlds and comics of Tyler Mann! This art and comics book is filled with character designs, commissions, and comics, all featuring oral vore, anal vore, cock vore, absorption, quicksand, sinking, transformation, furries, demons, and much more!

This 173-page eBook is a digital PDF file that will be delivered digitally upon checkout, and contains:

  • 48 Pages of Monthly Patreon Comics and Illustrations
  • 14 Pages of The Costume Shop Comics
  • 27 Pages of Funhouse of Frights Comics and Illustrations
  • 2 Kid Quicksand Comics
  • 3 The Only Gay Human In Space Comics
  • 2 Kingdom Hearts Comic Commissions
  • 19 Pages of Comic Commissions
  • 57 Commission Illustrations
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