image of tylerHi there! I'm Tyler Mann, a comic creator from Toronto. I've been drawing comics professionally for over 5 years, and I run everything myself, from the social media, to the writing, drawing, inking, coloring, and uploading. It's a lot of work, but it's great to know there's such a strange fan base of people who enjoy what I do.

It started in 2013 when my mother Robyn died of Breast Cancer. I flung myself into my work, creating a short lived comic called "DrawnOut" in which a teen is brought into his own head full of his own characters. It was very 'self-insert' and didn't gather a large fan-base. In between that I was running and producing shows with Fandom Musicals, a theatre group I started right before my mother died.

After mulling around "DrawnOut" and my strip based comic "Scribbles" I took an old role-play story myself and H-Hawkenstein wrote together, and converted it into a comic strip, and "The Costume Shop" was born. After finishing the entire comic in a year, fans loved it and wanted to see more. I produced the first Volume book using Kickstarter and Blurb, and it went very well.

Since then, I have been working primarily on "The Costume Shop" and it's ongoing story, "The Only Gay Human In Space" a sci-fi romantic comedy, and an upcoming adventure serial "Kid Quicksand." I have done talks and tabled at various conventions around Ontario including "ConBravo", "Anime North", "Ochiba-Con" and more.