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Umbra The Covers - An Umbra Comics Collection

Umbra The Covers - An Umbra Comics Collection

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You asked for it, and here it is! Umbra The Covers collects 30 NSFW Comics with Umbra The Demon of Darkness from The Costume Shop in them. Whether he's in his human or demon form, normal-sized or giant, made of goo or just downright horny, see Umbra at his best.

Themes included are gay stuff, vore, tentacles, slime, macro / micro, transformation, hypnosis, butts, dicks, and group play.

Collects 30 NSFW Comic pages from 2018-2021 including comics by artists Daryl Toh and Crownflame, previously only featured in The Costume Shop Season 1 book and download. Comics included in this collection are:

Please double check your orders / downloads first to confirm which comics you already have. Due to my order system, I cannot offer discounts for already purchased comics.

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