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The Voremalump Collection - All 5 Stories!

The Voremalump Collection - All 5 Stories!

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The Voremalump is a series of rhyming picture books for adults, about a big furry creature called The Voremalump that travels around teaching people about vore and demonstrating to those willing to get an "inside" look!

This collection collects The Voremalump 1-3, Balthazar and The Gobbledegoop, and The Voremalump Halloween into a 136-page e-book with 101 Illustrations!

I started making The Voremalump because August 8th is Vore Day on the internet. August 8th being 8-8 or "ate-ate", which is a vore pun. Vore of course is the desire to be swallowed or consumed whole by something else.

Despite the adult nature, these books are funny, silly, lighthearted, and as I've been told by some friends "a pretty educational look into what vore is and why people like it."

  • The Voremalump - 19 Pages with 14 Illustrations
  • The Voremalump 2 - 25 Pages with 19 Illustrations
  • The Voremalump 3 -  21 Pages with 16 Illustrations
  • The Voremalump Halloween - 33 Pages with 28 Illustrations
  • Balthazar and the Gobbledegoop - 26 Pages with 24 Illustrations
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Catherine Gibbs
The Voremalump Collection - All 5 Stories

i love all 5 story's so much fun ^^ and to read along :)