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The Costume Shop Season 2

The Costume Shop Season 2

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Now settling into his new job at The Costume Shop, Finn welcomes a variety of strange occurrences and battles against Umbra, the demon who runs the bakery across the street, whilst his boyfriend Osiris, and their friend Ryan try and navigate the strangeness of the store.

Candy bondage, voracious pastry monsters, horny living costumes, a basement of artifacts, and a villainous rendezvous; sounds like a nightmare, but for Finn, this is an average day working at The Costume Shop!

This 144-page book collects Chapter 5, NSFW bonus comics and illustrations set within the world of The Costume Shop and beyond, guest comics by artists like Daryl Toh and Crownflame, and concept art and background art.

NSFW content includes vore, quicksand, slime, hypnosis, costume and suiting, transformation, feet, tentacles, and more!

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