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The Costume Shop Season 1 Remastered

The Costume Shop Season 1 Remastered

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After a harrowing escape from a haunted Halloween store, months later, Finn notices a Now Hiring sign, and finds himself working at The Costume Shop, run by a talking skeleton, and the voracious living costumes!

Vengeful demons, mysterious crates, fire-breathing dragons, mud monsters, a hypnotic octopus, cheese with legs; sounds like a nightmare, but for Finn, this is an average day working at The Costume Shop!

Now beautifully remastered with new artwork, backgrounds, dialogue, and more legible speech bubbles, this 184-page book collects Chapters 1-4, NSFW bonus comics and illustrations set within the world of The Costume Shop and beyond, and guest comics by artists like Daryl Toh and Crownflame.

NSFW content includes vore, quicksand, slime, hypnosis, costume and suiting, transformation, feet, tentacles, and more!

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