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Funhouse Of Frights: Big Tent Edition Volumes 1-2

Funhouse Of Frights: Big Tent Edition Volumes 1-2

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Inside the walls of this twisting Funhouse, each room magically transforms into the kinky desires of it’s guests! From ravenous demons to legally distinct Beast Masters, anything can be conjured for the lucky ticket holders! Funhouse Of Frights is a gay, kinky, erotic graphic novel from the mind of Tyler Mann and his fans.

Funhouse Of Frights: Big Tent Edition includes:
• 13 Pages of Clown Chaos
• 12 Pages of Throne Of Anubis
• 20 Pages of Demon Bake Off
• 31 Pages of Clown Tag
• 49 Pages of NSFW Bonus Comics
That's 125 pages of bizarre gay comics!

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Customer Reviews

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Fun Series

Funhouse of Frights is a quirky, sexy series, a wild ride of vore and secret fulfillments.

Big Tent has some of the regulars (and characters from other series) enjoying the Funhouse. It’s a bit of fan service, which, as a fan, is appreciated.