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2020 Bonus Comics Collection

2020 Bonus Comics Collection

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Vore and other kinks run wild in this collection of 20 NSFW comic pages as voted on by Patreon supporters.

This PDF to be delivered digitally upon checkout and contains:

  • Ryan's Revenge
  • Umbra Is Pred
  • Cookie Vore
  • Quicksand Sink
  • Nightmare Zone
  • No Vore On The Beach
  • 3 Page Chadster The Bro Ghost
  • Vore Chess
  • 3 Page Halloween
  • Cake Vore
  • Chadster Hypnosis (New)
  • 5 Page Holiday Crossover (New)

Please double check your orders / downloads first to confirm which comics you already have. Please note the Chadster Hypnosis and 5 Page Holiday Crossover are not available individually. 

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