Collection: Vore Collection

Are you in the market for some gay vore comics? Then you've come to the right place! Oral vore, cock vore, anal vore, absorption, all in glorious full color. Available as digital downloads delivered upon checkout.

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  • Funhouse Of Frights

    Inside the twisting walls of this magical Funhouse, each room is filled with what the guest desires most, and you bet most of it involves getting swallowed up!

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  • Kid Quicksand

    Kid Quicksand is a hero that can shoot quicksand out of his hands, and grow giant plants that swallow up him and his hero friends, plus facing voracious villains!

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  • The Costume Shop

    Finn works at a haunted Halloween store where all the costumes are alive, and always trying to swallow the customers! Plenty of costumes and transformations!

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  • Alex In Wonderland

    After going down a nice plump Rabbit hole, Alex arrives in a twisted version of Wonderland, full of hunky card guards, a horny knave, a kink filled tea party and more!

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