Welcome To April 2023

Welcome to all new Patrons, and a special warm hug to those who are already Costumers!

Last month I tabled at Furnal Equinox 2023 and delivered all the Voreology packages to the Kickstarter backers! If you have yet to get anything from the Kickstarter, or want a copy of the book, I still have some left, you can buy them from my website here.

Here’s what's going on this month on Patreon!

Monthly NSFW Voting

I'll be sending out the poll for this month later on in the month instead. I need to catch up on some commission work for people who have been waiting a while. I'm taking any suggestions for themes or specific comic characters people want to see though!

The Costume Shop

I'm halfway through the Umbra bonus comic. I might take a day to rough out the remaining pages and then finish them all in one bout! After that I'll continue to revamp past pages and put those out in chunks. I'm aiming for a Kickstarter for this next year. I think I'll also be working on a sexy NSFW comic with Umbra as well instead of another main chapter story, as that's all too ambitious for me right now.

Funhouse Of Frights

Just put out a page of Markus getting sucked away from the group. The next few pages will be just his encounter with the demon clown, including some forced costume suiting, butts, and anal vore to start!

Kid Quicksand

I've written a lot of new stuff recently, including why Kinkshame and Quicksand have such a rivalry, which will be a multi paged comic with a lot of action on the beach, and no doubt some cool BG art from Rosangela, so it might take a while. I'll try and get some of them roughed out first!

Alex In Wonderland

I'm going to continue inking older pages I've done and passing them to Rosangela to do the BG art on them, before starting in on roughing any newer pages.

Commission Tiers on Patreon

Want a guaranteed commission from me either monthly or just one time? You can upgrade your Patreon tier to get Commissions! When you join you’ll get commission credits to redeem for sketch commissions, colored illustrations, or full comic pages! These credits can be redeemed anytime, and you can also build them up over time to get more commissions!
If you have any questions, message me here on Patreon or follow this guide to upgrading your Patreon tier: https://support.patreon.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000126286-Editing-your-membership#h_01G3D9KECSC2YZ362Q21PNC4GE

Commission Request Form

If you don’t want to upgrade your tier on Patreon to get a commission, you can submit a request in my queue here: http://comm.tylermannart.ca I pick these up less frequently, however, you’ll get a Patron discount when I do your commission!

Digital Download Archive

If you want to download eBooks that were previously available to Patrons, check out the pinned post or visit the link here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/updated-digital-39375001

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