Welcome To March 2023!

Welcome new and existing fans and readers to March 2023! SO glad you're here for the start of spring!
Here is whats going on this month!

Voreology Kickstarter Was Last Month!

The Voreology Kickstarter last month was amazing! I'm still waiting on the Kickstarter and Backerkit funds, however, everything has already been ordered and is on its way to me to be packaged and sent off! I already got the keychains, and they look great!

Furnal Equinox

This March 17-19 is Furnal Equinox, Toronto's Furry Convention. I'll be walking around as Marshmallow as well as tabling in the Dealers Den, selling my comics, books, buttons etc. If you're in or around Toronto come check it out!

Monthly NSFW Voting

It's the best time of the year! Spring! Spring has sprung, and it's time to spring another predator on some unsuspecting characters! That's right it's time once again for BUILD-A-PRED! You pick the body attributes such as species, body type or shape, enhancements, and type of vore, and I design a brand new character to fit! Previous characters include Chadster The Bro Ghost and Succharine the Alien Slime Naga. I'll be sending the poll out shortly, so keep an eye on your inboxes!

The Costume Shop

I'm halfway through the Umbra Mimic comic, so I'll be roughing through the rest of those so we can get to the fun vore stuff! I'm also still writing the new chapter in the meantime, I'm still trying to figure out where these characters will be in the future!

Funhouse Of Frights

I let it get behind me last month, so I'll make sure to rough out the next page or so. I did however plan out the number of pages based on my script, and this chapter is easily going to be at least 20 pages, with 4 pages dedicated to each of the four guys getting vored in some way. So get ready for a lot of fun!

Kid Quicksand

Last month I got another introduction page done for Mr. Scales. One more character to introduce is Doctor Azoth, and then I'll be able to post a whole batch of the pages including the sexy ones of the guys! I'm also very happy to say I have written a major chunk of STORY related comic, including Kid and Kinkshame's first encounter that leads to their rivalry,

Alex In Wonderland

Last month I got a bunch of the first pages of background art done by my amazing BG artist Rosangela, who once again knocked it out of the park. With the first 6 pages done, I'm going to make a big post for them, and start knocking through the other pages that are ready to go too! I'll be still doing them out of order, but no doubt you'll all enjoy the kinkiness!

Commission Tiers on Patreon

Want a guaranteed commission from me either monthly or just one time? You can upgrade your Patreon tier to get Commissions! When you join you’ll get commission credits to redeem for sketch commissions, colored illustrations, or full comic pages! These credits can be redeemed anytime, and you can also build them up over time to get more commissions!
If you have any questions, message me here on Patreon or follow this guide to upgrading your Patreon tier: https://support.patreon.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000126286-Editing-your-membership#h_01G3D9KECSC2YZ362Q21PNC4GE

Commission Request Form

If you don’t want to upgrade your tier on Patreon to get a commission, you can submit a request in my queue here: http://comm.tylermannart.ca I pick these up less frequently, however, you’ll get a Patron discount when I do your commission!

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