November 2022 Update From TylerMannArt

This is what's going on this month over on my Patreon!

Monthly NSFW Voting

I picked up too many commissions last month and the NSFW comic fell by the wayside, but I'm almost done it, will be posting later today.
I'll be sending a poll this month for December's comics, which I always do a crossover holiday theme. This one will be multiple comic pages hence why I'm asking for it a month ahead of time.
NSFW and higher tiers will get a direct message or post with a link to vote. Be sure to vote before November 15th, please!

The Costume Shop

Last month I finished The Costume Shop Chapter 5: Cake Wars. In fact, I've been revamping past pages to match the same quality and style of the newest pages, plus re-writing some key points of dialogue. I will be putting this together into an eBook for all SFW and higher Patrons to get as a PDF later this month.

Funhouse Of Frights

Last month I did some rough concept art of the four new characters, I have to design their outfits first, but then I can start drawing the comic! Expect a first page this month!

Kid Quicksand

It’s still been a while since I did a new page, so I’m going to rough out a few more of the character introductions which aren’t as fun to do but will give you a better idea of who these characters are.

Sketch Commission Streams This Month!

Starting next week, every other Saturday I'll be doing Sketch Commission Streams! Want me to draw something for you? This is where the magic happens! They will be sketches like the ones I posted up recently, but each stream I can also ink or color past ones I did for you! I'll also have some YCH drawings available!

Commission Tiers on Patreon

Want a guaranteed commission from me either monthly or just one time? You can upgrade your Patreon tier to get Commissions! When you join you’ll get commission credits to redeem for sketch commissions, colored illustrations, or full comic pages! These credits can be redeemed anytime, and you can also build them up over time to get more commissions! Here are the tiers currently open:


If you are already on Patreon, follow this guide to upgrading your Patreon tier:

Commission Request Form

If you don’t want to upgrade your tier on Patreon to get a commission, you can submit a request in my queue here: I pick these up less frequently, however you’ll get a Patron discount when I do your commission! This includes for sketch commission streams!

Digital Download Archive

Patrons get access to an archive of eBooks that are available on the store! If you want to download eBooks that were previously available to Patrons, check out the link here:

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