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The Costume Shop: Humans vs. Monsters is a strategic card collecting tabletop board game based on the Halloween themed webcomic by Tyler Mann. You or a team play as Humans or Monsters fighting for control over The Costume Shop. As you make your way around the board, you collect items to capture your opponents characters, use special magic cards, and greatly piss people off.

This game is currently available in Pre-Order and come available with special bonuses listed below:

Name A Magic Card: In the game Magic Cards are useful tricks to change up the play including "Gaining an extra action" or "Immediately move anywhere else on the board." With this special pre-order bonus, you'll get to name a card any way you like. It can be off your name such as "John's Potion Of Might" or something absurd such as "Tentacles Fiendish Delight!" Card titles will be randomly paired with their actions.

Your Face On A Human Card: To populate the 14 cards in the Human deck, artist Tyler Mann can render your face, or your own characters face, to join Finn, Ryan, and other characters in the game. A name of your choice will also be displayed. See the image of the monster cards for examples.

Upon order placed, Joshua or Tyler will be in contact to get your information, so be ready with a card title, or, photo or drawing reference.

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