Funhouse Of Horror

In this new spin-off comic of Tyler Mann's "The Costume Shop" Finn and Franklin have built a room for everybody, including you! This "Your Character Here" comic series features a group of characters entering the Funhouse, experiencing all the strange and frightening rooms and mazes, and finding the exit.

Each "room" is a series of predetermined comic pages that you can commission your character to be experiencing. Your character will appear in the opening 4 pages showing them entering the maze, a set number of pages for their "room" and an ending showing them escaping unharmed.

Pricing starts at $100 USD for a single page "room" including the opening and closing of the comic, and can go up to $500 USD for a five page "room" including the opening and closing. Custom experiences and pricing are available, and the finished comic will be available as a PDF download or physical book upon completion. All participants will receive a free book when the entire comic is complete.

Interested? Use the contact form below to submit your character, suggest your own idea, or learn more about the pricing and options!