Fall 2016 News and Updates

So many upcoming events, so little HTML to explain it in!

Halloween has just finished, and with much costuming came many pages of The Costume Shop updating Mondays on Tapastic, with Chapter 4 {DO NOT OPEN} picking up to some great action! If you haven't read it yet, now is a great time to head to Tapastic and start following the comic!

Comic conventions for Summer 2017 are going to be in full swing soon, with hopefully table appearances at TCAF, Anime North, ConBravo, Fan Expo and many more. Books, shirts, buttons, and on the spot commissions will be available, as well as a chance to try The Costume Shop board game, Humans Vs. Monsters.

Speaking of The Costume Shop, once the 4th Chapter is done, I'll be heading full speed into the Kickstarter to get Vol. 4 printed as a book as well as a hardcover edition of Vols. 1-4 including some sweet new bonus comics from artist friends like Daryl Toh of Tobias and Guy, Crownflame of Honey and Hatchet, Hawkenstein one of the original writers of Chapter 1, and Thomas Kiernan who is developing the extended universe of The Costume Shop.

Winter is almost upon us, so be sure to stave off winter with 25% off any order using Promo Code LETITNO at Checkout. Applies to physical and digital goods! See you in December for another update!