Holiday Vore Box
Holiday Vore Box

Holiday Vore Box

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Get yourself a great present for the holidays, no matter where you are, with this special Holiday Vore Box! (May or may not contain vore, depending if that's what your into.)

Each box will include your choice of (pending availability):
• 2 Books (The Costume Shop Season 1, Employee Handbook, Peril, Funhouse Vol 1, The Voremalump 1, Kid Quicksand Mini Book, The Only Gay Human In Space Mini Book)
• 2 Pages of Original Art (Recent inked comic pages)
• 2 Pages of Archived Art (Old sketches, concept art, inks, or comics)
• 2 Pages of The Voremalump 3 Art (Single page illustrations)
• 2 Stickers (My Butt Belongs To Umbra, Alien Hunk, Prey Pizza, Barrelin Over Canada, Funhouse Of Frights, Quicksand, Vore Happens, Thicc)

And also includes:
• Quicksand Enamel Pin
• Vore Happens Enamel Pin
• Funhouse Map
• Funhouse Fake Ticket

Order now and get it by December 31st, pending availability of books, stickers, and artwork. Ships anywhere in the world pending post office service availability due to Coronavirus.

Tyler will follow up directly to confirm your choice of items,