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Peril! Bonus Comics Book

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A compilation of all the Bonus Comics from 2015-2018, including The Costume Shop, Kid Quicksand, and other Patreon exclusive content. Many of these comics have also been in previous Bonus Comics compilations, or sold here on the store.

Peril contains the following comics and art:

  • The Party
  • The Greenhouse
  • Ryan and the Tentacles
  • Tentacle Tickles
  • The Machine EXCLUSIVE
  • Werewolf Kisses
  • Cosplay
  • The Tentacles Poster
  • Quicknosis
  • Finn Vs. The Basement Beast EXCLUSIVE
  • The Goo Monster EXCLUSIVE
  • Wolf Trap
  • Finn Vs. The Wrestler
  • Lust
  • Umbra's Shrinking Powers
  • Beach Day
  • Holiday Cake
  • Holiday Foot Present
  • Ol' Saint Quick EXCLUSIVE
  • Meanwhile
  • Finns Funhouse
  • Another Funhouse Comic
  • Funhouse Part Three
  • Make Love Not Extended Universes EXCLUSIVE
  • Happy Vore Day
  • Vore Day Crossover
  • The Chamber Commission
  • No Man Is A Quicksand Island Commission
  • Desert Quicksand Part One Commission
  • The Moor Commission
  • The Cave EXCLUSIVE
  • Toxic Sinking Commission
  • Desert Quicksand Part Two Commission
  • Vore Patrol
  • Monster Under The Bed
  • To The Nude Beach
  • David's Dungeon