The Costume Shop Bonus Comics Season 1

The Costume Shop Bonus Comics Season 1

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The Costume Shop has many side stories, including The Party after Chapter 1, what Finn and the Dragon did after the party, Franklin's other failed experiments, Umbra's exploits in the shop, and his own bakery. This Bonus Comics collection includes comics from Season 1, as well as exclusive new comics from Daryl Toh, and the creator himself, Tyler Mann.

Includes 57 pages of bonus comics and artwork, including art by:

  • SnailOfApproval
  • Crownflame
  • Daryl Toh
  • Thomas Kiernan
  • AaronScales
  • TheCruelSeasons
  • H-Hawkenstein
  • Aero_Zero

PLEASE NOTE: This PDF contains all the bonus comics available in Volumes 1-4 or Season 1. If you already own Season 1, then you already own these comics. The majority of these comics are also published on Patreon.

The product is delivered digitally via PDF on your confirmation page, or through email.