Spring 2017 Update

Wow, Winter was a crazy time wasn't it? I had a bunch of new Patrons join up, a Kickstarter for The Costume Shop live stage show, and some new videos were released! Check out the new website for The Costume Shop Live On Stage here: https://costumeshopshow.myshopify.com/

So what do we have to look forward to this Spring? Well, The Costume Shop Chapter 4 is almost complete on Tapastic, and starting April 6 will be the Kickstarter to get the full Season 1 book printed, as soon as it's available, the product will be available both physically and digitally on this website, so you'll be sure to see it.

I'm looking into two big conventions / events to display the comic at this summer including ConBravo! in Hamilton, and Word On The Street in Toronto. Of course, regular live streams and events in Toronto will take place during that time.

The Humans Vs Monsters board game is nearly complete, some last minute artwork a rules need to be fixed, and then it will be good to go through this store here and The Game Crafter after I get a proof version of it!

You'll also see a lot more shirt designs and apparel options here on the store like socks, hats, 3/4 sleeve shirts and more!

As usual, submit any questions to the Commissions tab at the top of this page, and see you in the next chapter of the comic!

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